Tuesday, 29 December 2015

DIY Patchwork Suede Skirt- Simplicity 1370 Pattern Hack

I have recently got very in to suede, in particular suede skirts after making one recently which has become an absolute wardrobe staple. 
In keeping with the current trend for all things 70s I fell for patchwork and decided to combine the two, suede and patchwork, to create a bonkers mini skirt. I hacked Simplicity 1370 into panels as I know view D fits me perfectly as I have previously used it to make three super simple skirts- one yellow, one from an embroidered pillow case and one in houndstooth stretch denim.

The fit and construction of this garment makes it perfect for someone new to sewing as it has only three pieces, front back and waistband, and thus is easy to make small fitting alterations. The instructions are very good, I do love a simplicity pattern. It's so simple it's simplicity, lolz.

Here are the lines I cut on the pattern pieces. When doing this do remember to add seam allowance! I also was careful when placing the pieces on different colours of suede I also made sure no pieces the same colour were touching but that is just personal preference.

Anyway, here is some inspo for a patchwork suede mini skirt, groovy baby.

And here is my version! 

 I wore it on the London eye and a river cruise, yes cruise, with the girls I used to live with. Love them <3

That's all for today. Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

New Year's Eve/ Party DIY Outfits- Look Book

It's that party time of year once again. For me half the fun of going out is getting ready, particularly as getting ready involves sewing frocks and skirts adorned with sequins, glitter and tulle. A few years ago I wrote a post about party dresses which was quite popular so I've decided to do an update of sorts to share my new party outfits. I have yet to choose which one to wear on New Year's Eve so please do let me know in the comments which you think I should wear! 

Outfit one: Tulle Skirt/Tutu
Thanks to Pinterest a tutu has been on my 'to sew' list for quite some time. I decided to use New Look 6327 to help me with the ratios of tulle to elastic. This is of course a very simple pattern and I would recommend it to anyone starting on their sewing journey. The only tricky bit it managing the huge quantities of tulle in this midi length skirt!

I paired my tutu with a cropped striped jumper from H&M (similar) and a fur gilet from Primark. My shoes are black pumps with pom-poms. 

Outfit two: Casual Shortie Shorts 
This outfit is for more for a casual get together than a glitzy party. These pompom shorts are one of my favourite makes, made with Simplicity 1370. I've paired them with the same H&M cropped jumper as before and a sparkly cardigan from Primark. My shoes are black pumps with pom-poms. 


Outfit three: brocade skirt
Salme 142 strikes again, this time in a glittery gold brocade from Fabric Land. I love this pattern because I feel I've shown through my blog posts how one super simple little pattern can be made up in different fabrics to give such a wide range of looks. I've paired it with a shirt from Primark and a faux leather jacket from H&M. The shoes are also sparkly, from Topshop (similar) and the bag is covered in feathers from Topshop too. This is my subtle look, ahem. 

Outfit four: sparkly playsuit
I made this playsuit using an out of print pattern Simplicity 2187 but there are lots of similar patterns you can use to achieve the same look, such as McCalls 7115. Another simple pattern which when made in a sparkly fabric instantly looks ready for a party. I love a playsuit as it looks more casual than a dress but still fun and party-ready. The fabric is a jersey from Fabric Land and a friend of mine made it into a cute fitted party dress too. 

Here I aphave styled my playsuit with my amazing Designosaur necklace. 

Outfit five: velvet backless frock
I made this dress last year, inspired/ripped off of a lovely Topshop playsuit. I hacked it from Simplicity 1651 and added lace. I've paired it with a sparkly bag from Primark and shiny patent Mary Janes from Matalan.


Outfit six: LBD
Because you could do a party outfit post without one, this is my little black dress. I made it by hacking Lisette for Simplicity 1419 and creating lace short sleeves and upper bodice. Sadly this pattern is also out of print which breaks my heart as it fits me perfectly and I hack it constantly to create different looks. To see all my other incarnations of this pattern click here. 

Awkward photo from a terrible angle. Photos should always be from above!

Outfit seven: LBP (little black pinny)
 I blogged a tutorial for this cute pinny a few weeks ago. It's a super simple make and looks cute dressed up or down. Here I have styled it with a striped H&M polo neck, favourite Anthropologie necklace and sparkly Primark bag.

Outfit eight: sparkly sparkly poser
These photos are part me posing, and part me not wanting to look directly at the camera. I apologise. But anyway, I love this dress. It is a super simple self drafted skirt dress with a velvet sash. I blogged about it last year for more details. A word of warning about  sewing with sequins: buy a stash of spare needles. I paired it with a faux leather jacket from H&M and my favourite Anthropologie necklace. 

 Outfit nine: evening florals
I loved this stretch cotton as soon as I saw it in Fabric Time. This is another (classic unaltered) version of Lisette for Simplicity 1419
Here I've styled it with the shiny patent Mary Janes from Matalan. Can you tell I don't own many pairs of high heels?

Outfit ten: velvet bow 
My last outfit is a dress I made years ago and have only worn a handful of times due to it's fanciness. I sewed little purple shiny beads to the neckline which means you don't really need a necklace with this dress, which is quite handy. I drafted this pattern myself and it actually fits surprisingly well. 
That's all for today, button need your help! Which outfit do you think I should wear to NYE? And what handmade delights are you planning on wearing to bring in the new year? I hope this post gave you an idea or two. 
Thanks for reading and happy new year! X o x o 

Cosy Christmas DIY Outfits- Mini Look Book

In case you missed it, Christmas is coming y'all!
In a mer three days Christmas will be upon us and by the end of the day I will be in need of eleasticated waist trousers. But until that point I like to look as festive as possible and I thought I'd do a 'little look book' sharing with you some of my cosy, DIY Christmas outfits.

Look 1: Pinny Poser 

My first festive look is what I wore today for finishing off my Christmas shopping and pottering around in beautiful Richmond. Last month I blogged a tutorial for making this pinny using the skirt pattern Salme 142 as the base. I bought the needle cord from Fabric LandHere I've paired it with a cosy brushed cotton men's shirt from H&M and old boots from Clarks, similar here. I picked this shirt up when attempting Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago. This is always the problem with Christmas shopping as I invariably find something I want to pick up for myself.

Look 2: Pretty in Pudding

I bought this Christmas jumper for the first 'Christmas jumper day' a couple of years ago and keep cracking it out year after year. I love that it has white pom-poms all over it for added whimsy, sigh. I bought my jumper from New Look years ago, similar here. Here I've matched it with the super simple self drafted velvet skirt I blogged about recently for added cosines, fabric from Fabric Land. I forgot to put shoes on for this picture but I would probably wear boots or red Mary Janes to complete this outfit.

 Look 3: Swirly Snowman Skirt 

This next outfit is without a doubt the most ridiculous. I decided that a Christmas jumper just wasn't enough for my first Christmas Day with my lovely bf, and so the snowman skirt was born. Using Salme 142 (again) I turned 1meter of jolly snowman and bunny cotton into a little circle skirt. The kids loved it at work. For added 'cosiness' I added a bright red H&M jumper. The white shirt is from Primark and came with the black bow so I can channel the KFC colonel. The charming skirt fabric is from John Lewis (similar here) and wasn't cheap but I decided as I only needed one meter it was worth getting the nicest one there so I could wear it year after year for eternal silliness. I've styled my jumper with Topshop shoes from years ago, similar here. 

 Look 4: Groovy Christmas 70s style
This faux suede skirt I made in the autumn has quickly become one of my favourite wardrobe staples, being pulled from my wardrobe at least once a week since I made it. Although suede mini skirts are not technically festive looking garments I thought when paired with this jumper from H&M (similar here) the overall look was pretty festive and inkeeping with the current 70s trend. I matched it with my current favourite necklace from Anthropologie.  To make the skirt I used New Look 6346 and the faux suede is from Fabric Land and comes in a wide range of colours. 

Look 5: Tartan-tastic!

I couldn't do a festive look book without my favourite Christmas dress made entirely of cosy brushed cotton from Fabric Land. I used Simplicity 2444 and the diagonal waist darts really work well with the checks of the tartan. Read more about this particular dress making project here. 

That's all for my cosy festive look book!  I hope you got some ideas for items to sew or perhaps saw a new way to work your handmade items with some festive pieces this holiday. Tune in tomorrow for a New Year's Eve inspired, glamorous party look book, photographed at the same time as this one! Thumbs up for time efficiency :) 
Thanks for reading and happy Christmas! x o x o