Monday, 27 July 2015

Safari Dress- Lisette Traveler Dress 2246

This summer I will be traveling to Lisbon with my lovely mummy. So what better dress to pack than the Lisette Traveler! 
I have used this pattern before to make three dresses for this summer following the exciting discovery that my new sewing machine actually creates button holes in a mer one step. In fact this is my most used pattern of the summer. However up until this point I had only made view C with it's gathered skirt due to my pear shaped nature, and never been brave enough to go for view A. So I bought some inexpensive white cotton from Fabric Land totalling £6 and a handful of lovely brown buttons and got crafty with it.
Previous Traveler dresses in full selfie-action.


 My safari inspiration comes from YSL, Veruschka and other 60s style icons. Groovy.

I decided to bypass the laced up front on these dresses and instead go for buttons, ever the traditionalist.
The pattern amazingly turned out perfectly. I made a size 8 and graded out to a 10 on the hips which was somewhat hopeful but the snug fit across the hips is inkeeping with the design. It was actually a very easy and reasonably quick sew with the only fiddly bits being of course pressing out, attaching and top stitching the button bands and aligning the many buttons and buttons holes. My only complaint about this lovely pattern is that the collar is all in one piece and I prefer a separate collar stand as it gives a smarter look. 

I decided to style my Traveler with a little belt to give it a bit more shape as without a belt a white shirt dress looks like you are heading into some sort of lab. I wore this dress to work and it was tres practical except for when a child decided to draw a huge black line across the back of it with dry wipe marker. To be fair wearing white when working with small children I only had myself to blame, and luckily it all came out in the wash.


That's all for today. Hope you like my Traveler dress and are planning some lovely travels of your own this summer! I love sewing with a holiday in mind.
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o





Saturday, 25 July 2015

Two Classic DIY Skirts for Summer

I adore skirts. They are so versatile and allow so many different options and combinations and I particularly love wearing them with my white shirt, black vests and off the shoulder tops for summer.
My first sew was inspired by the unbelievably lovely Emma Watson, seen here in a beautiful and classic grey maxi skirt with white shirt. It's so simple and I just adore the whole look. 

I decided to use Simplicity 1368 as I really liked the slimline jersey maxi shape with the split in the front. In the picture the elasticated waistband didn't look too upsetting. However in reality this was simply not the case and it looked bulky and ugly. So I removed the elastic, trimmed down the waist and added a separate tight fitting elastic waistband with darts at the front and back. I used this tutorial for the elastic waistband and it was fab.

The finished skirt looks like this

The second skirt was inspired by this pic from Pinterest. I love a circle skirt but feel I am a little past the mini variety so decided to go for a midi length using lovely off white viscose. I used the classic Salme 142 pattern which I have used lots of times but lengthened it by about 10 inches. I wore this skirt every other day for work throughout the warm weather at the end of term so feel I definitely got my monies worth with this one. 


My finished white skirt: 

That's all for today. Hope you like my pretty skirts, have you been stitching summer skirts lately? I'd love to see and hear about them!
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o



DIY White Pompom Shorts- New Look 6100

Hello internet! It's been so long since I last posted. The last half term at school is always pretty manic and although sewing was still happening (obvs)  blogging took somewhat of a backseat. But now summer break is upon us and I wanted to share some of the lovely summer stitching I have been up to. 
I have recently really got into the colour white as it has such a lovely summer vibe. I decided to make a second pair of pompom shorts using beautiful viscose suiting is found in Fabricland. It's perfect for this project as it somehow is not in the slightest bit transparent, unlike most white or pale fabrics.

First some pinable inspo:
This is how I will look in my shorts, obvs, ahem...

I used New Look 6100 as I have made some of these shorts before in a black paisley for the winter and I love them! It's a lovely quick and simple sew which is very flattering and easy to wear. They sit quite high on the waist and look cute with a top tucked in.

And here are my finished shorties! With a little Primani vest tucked in and my John Lewis handbag with lovely yellow plastic handles (this is meant to be a knitting bag but I am ever the rebel). My necklace is Topshop circa 2010.

That's all for today, give this pattern a go if you are after super comfy summer shorties that are flattering and pretty to boot. Who doesn't love a pompomed bottom? Not me fo sho.
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o 



Engagement Gift DIY- How To Create a Keep Sake Plate

Hello everyone!

So this summer my beautiful friend M is getting married. It will be a fabulous, glamorous, big fat Greek wedding with money pinning and plate smashing (not that I am culturally stereotyping here...) 
M and C have also just bought their own home together and will be moving in together in the next few weeks, what an amazing summer for them!

But what oh what do you give the couple who have everything? For the wedding gift money will of course be pinned, but for her bridal shower I wanted to give M a beautiful keep- sake type gift.

My lovely friend H gave me this idea over brunch at our favourite Corleone's cafe (seriously, there are pictures from The Godfather all over the walls). We went shopping in town for the perfect plate. It's surprisingly difficult to find a plain white plate but as luck would have it we found these lovely heart shaped ones in old faithful shop Wilkos: 

I then trawled Pinterest and for lovely, cheesy ideas and came across lots of good ideas:

Here is how I made my plate, step by step.

You will need: one plate, set of sharpie markers, nail polish remover, washing up liquid, tea towel, access to the internet or lots of lovely books for images and inspiration.

1. Buy your plate from Wilko or similar.
2. Wash and thoroughly dry your plate.

3. Practise your design on paper. I know I wanted to write Mr and Mrs Lewis in caligraphy ish writing and spent ages copying letters I liked from example alphabets until I got it just right. I also think it's nice to include the date of the wedding along with flowers, rings etc to give it a nice vibe. Also don't forget to design the back, I chose to put a little Beatles quote back there for good cheer.

Doing my homework...

4. Now it's the scary part, start drawings on your plate with the sharpie markers! 
This is less daunting than you think as I discovered that sharpies can be removed using nail polish remover, so you don't need to fear making an irreversible mistake. I chose to just use black and gold to give the plate a simple look as this is what M tends to go for. If I were to make one for myself it would have a silly amount of flowers and colours but yeah...

5. Once your plate is finished it can be wrapped and given to your girl/boy friend! Please remember this is not in any way intended to be eaten off of or washed as the design will fade and you might get ill from eating off of sharpies! It is purely decorative. 

That's all for today, I hope you like M's gift and that you have a go a making your own engagement gifts for friends as they are so meaningful and often treasured in the long run.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o