Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Me Made May- a summary

In May 2015 I wore:
15 me made dresses

8 me made skirts

2 me made coats

 5 me made tops

And one lonely me made scarf and pair of trousers

 I have only just realised the psychotic productivity of my May. I ordinarily sew about two garments a month. This May I churned out ten garments for myself, continued with the bridesmaids dress project and made a frock for Clare. WTF!?! How I managed this whilst managing to maintain my work and social lives I do not know. I suppose a half term holiday would have helped matters along. Regardless, these are the things I made: 

Before writing this post I compared my outfit collages with those of previous years and lolled. My style has changed drastically from last year with a great deal more colour being injected into my wardrobe. Compared to the year before that, a great deal more skill can be seen in my garments I am producing now compared to then and I do feel properly proud now of what I am capable of creating having honed my skills through regular/obsessive practise. Not to brag ya know! 

Looking forward I hope to continue to take my wardrobe in a yet more trend oriented direction and some things I intend to sew include:
 A really fun digital print neoprene dress with cut outs for nights out, a loose and flowy unlined summer coat, a sweatshirt with contrast sleeves, a faux suade mini skirt or dress with button up front, an off the shoulder striped frock, a neoprene midi skirt, super comfy dropped waist dress for lazy summer days and lastly a black dress with wide lace hem. We will see how many of these items actually come into fruition as let's be honest I will be lucky to get to wear just two of these before summer is out. 

The biggest lesson of #mmm15 is that I need a new sewing machine ASAP! And am about to go order one from good old Argos so later potata! Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Me Made May Days 29-31

Friday 29th

Another fun morning of report writing followed by finishing my ridiculously yellow skirt. The weather was completely grim with torrential rain all day so H and I went for lunch and wine at Woody's Kingston. In the afternoon I hid from the rain watching old Buffy episodes and blogging. I researched which sewing machine to buy as I make my first foray into the world of the computerised sewing machines. I attempted to cheer myself up by purchasing a new notebook as I love stationary :). In the evening BF and I chilled at home and I worked on a new dress made from beautiful vintage pink floral cotton given to me by my ma last year.

Get my amazing new notebook for under £3 here.

I wore: Simplicity 1370 mini skirt made from two cushion covers my friend bought me back from Pakistan, with a tee I have dip dyed and a H&M cardigan.

Saturday 30th

I love a Saturday lie in followed by breakfast with the bf. Later he indulged me in some window shopping for sewing machines at John Lewis and I had some options demoed for me by the helpful shop assistant. I think I am tempted most by the Janome, which I gather from my mother, the sewing oracle, is a good brand to go for. I met my work pal G for a delicious Wagamama lunch followed by an afternoon of Pinterest, Instagram, report writing and finally finishing my new vintage cotton pink floral dress! In the evening we travelled to Rotherhide for our friends O and J's party, which ended up on one of London's most enchantingly littered beaches. I wore my new dress and felt pretty whilst climbing over fences.

In the daytime I wore: a Simplicity 1370 mini skirt with a primark tee and Tatty Devine necklace.

In the evening I wore: Leanne Marshall for Simplicity 1755 in vintage cotton.

Sunday 31st
The end of the month, the end of the week, the end of Me Made May, the end of half term all at once! We had a nice weekend lie in after which I FINISHED MY REPORTS! Any teacher readers will realise the sense of achievement and joy in this. After that I cut out my new shiny floral bomber jacket (so freakin excited by this) and hit the shops with Bf to get supplies for our afternoon of fun tie dying. He did two tees and I did a shirt. I will do a little tutorial soon. In the evening a friend I used to work with who has since moved to Vietnam was visiting so lots of us work ladies met up for drinks and dinner on Twickenham Green and had a lovely time.

In the daytime I wore: Burda 6938 dip dye trousers with a uniqlo tee and H&M denim jacket.
In the evening I wore: a Simplicity 2215 lace overlay skirt with H&M tee and pineapple necklace.

That's it for today and for #mmm15! Thanks for reading and following my month. I will be doing a little summary soon of my outfits and lessons learnt, so check back soon.
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Monday, 1 June 2015

Me Made May days 26-28

It's all over! And the first day of June has been ridiculously miserable, wet and cold, sigh.

SO let's talk about pretty clothes to merry me along...

Tuesday 26th

An entirely sensible morning of report writing livened up with a spot of fabric shopping for an appropriate trouser pattern. In the afternoon I wasted some valuble time on Pinterest before meeting up with my lovely girl J for her bridesmaid dress fitting. I can't show you on here due to wedding confidentiality but she looks freakin perfect. 
After that we had a lovely wine on the river at The Ram followed by a delicious dinner in carluccios and a walk with her amazeballs dog Dinky, who is essentially a cloud only cuter.

Who could resist these super flattering Burda trousers?!? Such a gem for us pear shaped ladies.

I wore: Leanne Marshall for Simplicity 1755 dress in red tulip print cotton with Primark sandals

Wednesday 27th
Another sensible morning writing reports followed by a far more fun afternoon of dip dying and then sewing trousers. I also bought a sewing magazine which was awesome and contained no crocheted lettuces (woah!)- the Mollie Makes Sewing Special. Same time again next year!... Sob. In the evening I checked literacy planning (partay) and watched the new GOT with the bf.

I wore: Burda 6918 in dip dyed pink linen look cotton.


Thursday 28th
I spent the day in Cambridge with my lovely mum indulging in Wagamama's for lunch followed by a poke around Calli Co fabric shop where I extravagantly purchased a single spool of thread. We nosed about the colleges and went inside the spectacular Kings Chapel before checking out the seriously peculiar wears of the Fitzwilliam museum (see creepy Twin Peaks Owl below) where I made myself sick with clotted cream scones. On the way back I got to see me dad for as brief but lovely time on Cambridge station before heading back to London to turn a cushion cover into a mini skirt, as one does.

I REALLY want one of these badass lamps for our new flat.

It's another mother daughter Me Made May snap (although apparently these shoes make me too tall).
I wore the aforementioned Burda 6938 dip dyed trousers with a uniqlo shirt, a Tatty Devine necklace and TKMaxx handbag, keepin it classy.
My mum wore a New Look 6352 dress of her own making.

 That's all for today. Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o