Friday, 29 May 2015

Me Made May- Days 23-25

Saturday 23rd
A trip to the North! How very GOT of us. It was a short but nauseous train ride to Macclesfield where the bfs folks reside in a beautiful country house. We enjoyed strolls around the garden and fields admiring sheep and cows, sitting in the rare northern sunshine, eating lots of delicious treats and finished the day with dinner at Yuzu in Manchester.

Find out more about Yuzu here:

I wore: New Look 6069 shift dress with Topshop shoes, Tatty Devine necklace, Primark bag and a H&M jacket

Sunday 24th
Sunday bf's nan came over and we had a lovely Sunday roast. I was treated to a range of baby pictures and stories and drank a little too much champagne, although it did make the journey back far less ropey. Bf gave me a brilliant hand tat and I did lots of sketches to pass the time.

In the evening I watched the brilliant A Bout De Souffle and admired Jean Seburg's effortless striped tee shirt style. 

I wore: Simplicity 1370 skirt, H&M tee, Tatty a Devine necklace and my red Simplicity 1759 coat (not pictured)

On the long train ride home we also discovered this:


Monday 25th
Bank holiday hoorah! Bf and I enjoyed a lie in followed by lunch at my favourite restaurant Riverside Vegetaria. We then went on a lovely long walk through Home Park where we were wildlife spotters and saw deer, gorgeous goslings, rabbits, herons and even baby morehens which are the smallest cutest birds I have ever seen. In the evening we watched the new Game of Thrones, I blogged a little and worked on two dress- one red tulip and one pink dip dyed linen. 

To find out more about Riverside Vegetaria visit:

I wore: Simplicity 1382 with Topshop sandals and here I am with lots of lovely deer.

That's all for today. As we approach the end of Me Made May I hope everyone is still having lots of fun! Which is your favourite outfit?
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Me Made May- Days 16-22

Saturday 16th
Best day ever because my mum came to see me yay! We usually spend our days together drinking tea, eating lots and shopping for fabric and, being traditionalists, this is pretty much what we did. We ate breakfast at Pret, lunch at the Vegetaria and browsed Fabric Land and as John Lewis for treats. I am eyeing up new sewing machines with alphabet functions, exciting!

My mum is doing Me Made May too but doesn't have a blog so I shall share her outfit here:
I wore: McCalls 7080 spotty dress with my Tatty Devine necklace which photographed terribly in this pic. My mum is wearing a dress and trousers of her own making but I am unsure of the patterns.

During the day I also bought some pretty awesome gifts, one for my friends S's birthday which you will hear about in a mere moments time, the other for my dad which are the best pjs ever. Now he can match bf and I in our matching Simpsons jimjams.

That evening I went to the aforementioned S's birthday do. There was wine, pizza, music and human pyramids. 

My lovely friend Z who hosted the do painted the beautiful picture on the top right, presumably whilst dressed as the last member of All saints, bottom left. Excitingly I met another sewer that evening, my friend T was up from Cornwall (where cool people tend to reside it turns out) in a pretty dress she stitched herself. So I embarrassed her and took a picture, obvs.

I wore: Me made lace skirt adapted from Simplicity 2215 with RTW top and jacket.

Sunday 17th
We didn't get back home until the wee hours of the morning so much of Sunday morn was spent sleeping off my hangover. We then met our chums C&N for brunch on our favourite Castle Street where you can get a full enormous fry up with tea for under a fiver. Our favourite cafe is call Corleone's and it filled with pictures from the Godfarther.
 I also spent much of the say blogging with my NEW app BlogGo having narrowly avoided a nervous breakdown thanks to the crap that is the Blogger app. BF and I popped to the shops to get a new series of Game of Thrones (I have a problem) and in the evening I exercised on my bike whilst we rewatched Moonrise Kingdom, which is just such a pretty film, gotta love Wes Anderson.

During the day I also discovered this hilarious picture of me at a family wedding some 10 years ago, proving why all orange polyester should be reclaimed and melted back to provide traffic cones to protect future generations from such sartorial crimes.

I wore: my striped New Look 6065 again but this time belted with a lovely National Trust scarf given to me by my mum the day before. 

Monday 18th
Back to  work and a big workout after school. Feeling super fit!

I wore: Simplicity 2215 skirt with RTW top and Tatty Devine necklace.

 Tuesday 19th
Work drinks our with R meant I failed to get an outfit pic, but I wore double polka dots with this Simplicity 3688

Wednesday 20th
After work BF and I went to Matsuba in Richmond which was delicious, I <3 gyoza!

I wore: a self drafted skirt in Amy Butler fabric with a primark jumper and sandals.

Thursday 21st
End of the working week for us woohoo! So to celebrate the Friday inset day we decided to head out for cocktails as Las Iguanas Kingston followed by a spot of clubbing at the Hippodrome. Teachers have fun too!

In the day I wore: New Look 6068 made from cutting down my old lace dress with a self drafted skirt and H&M jacket

In the evening I wore: chevron print dress from a Salme pattern with leggings and my favourite shiny sandals.

Friday 22nd

In the morning I popped in to work to tie up some loose ends before popping in to John Lewis on my way home and picking up some beautiful red cotton gingham. I then returned home to sort laundry and do some work hoorah!... In the evening I packed my bag for my weekend away in the north with the bf, cooked a delicious spag bol with green lentils and dip dyed some beautiful fuscia linen orange inspired by Millie Macintosh's amazing Matthew Williamson dress.

I also cut out a new Simplicity 1755 Leanne Marshall dress in this amazing red tulip fabric yum!

I wore: Leanne Marshall for Simplicity 1755 dress in vintage cotton.

That's all for today. Which is your favourite outfit this week? And how is your #mmm15 going? Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Me Made May Days 9-15


Saturday 9th
Saturday morning bf had a hospital appointment so I pottered about locally before meeting him at Prezzo for a lovely lunch together. In the afternoon I experimented with dip dyeing (see my post about it and then bf and I went for a stroll around Fairfield. In the evening I squeezed in cutting out a new Lisette shirt dress before we had friends round for drinks at ours which we hadn't done for a little while and it was so good to catch over some lovely wine.

I wore: Simplicity 2215 skirt with H&M polo neck, Clark's shoes and Tatty Devine necklace.

Sunday 10th
Sunday was a lazy but lovely morning spent calling friends for a catch up, cleaning the house, sewing my dip dye Lisette for Simplicity shirt dress and watching Twin Peaks. I also received a lovely surprise parcel from my friend H, some beautiful fabric from Zimbabwe. In the afternoon bf and I went for a long walk from Ham Common back to Kingston along the river and it was a beautiful, fresh day for a stroll. In the afternoon I finished sewing my dip dye dress before meeting my lovely chum Smale for a drink at Woody's, where we enjoyed our wine off an aeroplane wing next to a bath-sofa.

 I wore: a me made dress with simplicity 2246 bodice and a self drafted skirt.

Monday 11th
Back to work with a crazy busy day as usual. I spent my evening cooking, sorting laundry and other riveting pursuits. We also watched Charlie Brookers Election Wipe and Twin Peaks- I <3 Audrey! I also began planning a kaftan type tunic inspired by this beautiful thing I found in H&M:

I wore:  my dip dyed Simplicity 2246 with my vintage liberty bangle and primary sandals.

Tuesday 12th
I managed to escape work at a more decent time on Tuesday and made a beautiful Simplicity 2246 dress after work in a rabbit print! I often feel if I were to be an animal, I'd be a rabbit. Jus sayin.

I wore: New Look 6068 mini shift dress with primark sandals, vintage liberty bangle and Topshop necklace.

Wednesday 13th
A beautiful sunny day! I spent my evening finishing my friend J's bridesmaid dress (more to come on this enormous and exciting project in the summer!) and cutting out my Kaftan top. I choose Burda 6809 with this lovely blue viscose from my stash, bought last summer for trousers which never made it to the sewing table.

I wore: my new Simplicity 2246 rabbit shirt dress! With the trusty Primark sandals and vintage liberty bangle, again...
Thursday 14th
An evening of bleak comparisons as I sat in sorting and filing observations for my class while bf rubbed shoulders with celebrities at the annual perfume awards, hilariously named the Fifi awards. It rained solidly the entire day. Bleh.
I wore: Tilly Buttons floral Lilou dress with a RTW tee and Topshop shiny silver Mary Janes.

Friday 15th
Weekend wahoo! We celebrated Friday night with drinks on the river at the Gazebo. 

I wore: Lisette for Simplicity 1419 in a lovely horse print! With my Clark's shoes.

That's all for today, how is your Me Made May going? Thanks for reading and happy sewing X o x o