Sunday, 26 April 2015

Nude Pink Lace Midi Skirt

Another midi skirt! I just couldn't help myself but make another. This one is very different in its style either it's soft and super feminine lace and scalloped edge. My inspiration:
From left:,,

I really did fall for this fabric as soon as I saw it. It was I think £8 per meter in fabricland but I only needed to buy one meter as it's very wide at 150cm. Initially I inserted an invisible zip which looked better but kept jamming up around the lacy parts so had to replace it with a bog standard boring zip which doesn't look as great but at least it's not slowly chewing up my skirt like the invisible one was.

I didn't used a pattern for this as it's simple two rectangles of lace, two shorter rectangles of lining and a simple rectangular folded and interfaced waistband. I used a cotton lining which feels lovely against bare skin in the warm weather. 

This skirt is never being worn to work as most things which are end up covered in paint, which may ruin the fairy tale look of this skirt somewhat.

I chose to wear my new insanely 90s silver and white chunky sandals, a very old denim jacket from H&M about 10 years ago and a basic striped tee from primani. My necklace is a tiny golden pineapple, naturally.

That's all for today, hope you like the lace! Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Handmade holiday wardrobe: Spring in NYC

So, I recently came back from an amazing eight days in NYC. Whenever I travel I make a real effort to pack as many me made items as possible. I feel it's a great way to test if your items meet the demands of reality and are comfortable and practical as well as being completely awesome looking.
Spring in NYC is much like London- changeable, from cold, to warm, to rain, and in New York even some snow just 10 days before we arrived!
I won't bang on about how incredible New York is, but I fell in love with the city, the food, the art, the buildings, the style, the fact you always felt like you were on a film set- with everything! We stayed with a great couple in Brooklyn and really loved this part of the city, hipster paradise but full of fun vintage and never far from a vegan cafe.

I won't deny it, I spent ages planning what to pack because I love to have a choice in what I wear and hate to be too cold or dresses inappropriately for a situation I find myself in! I used a free app, My Fashion Closet (hate that word) to help me plan what to pack. The screen looks like this:

You flick through your items until you find a combination you like, then click finalise and it makes a little collage for you. It's very simple but I found it really useful when packing to help me work out which items work well together and slim down my packing by removing items which did not make good outfits with the other items I had packed. I find sticking somewhat to a colour pallet helps with this when packing. 
FYI the lady who worked in the met told me my pompom shorts were 'the most joyful thing ever' and asked me who made them- and I said with pride I DID! She had great earrings, plus one style point for me.

I will share with you the DIY items I packed first, then shop bought (it occurs as I blog this that many of these items I have yet to blog, sorry!)

Clockwise from top left: self drafted stripe tunic, Simplicity 1759 red coat, Simplicity 1419 gingham dress, simplicity 1370 houndstooth skirt

Clockwise from top left: stripe tee from a vintage pattern, black Salme 142, Tilly and the Buttons spotty Lilou dress, red patterned skirt simplicity 2215

Clockwise from top left: Simplicity 1370 large houndstooth skirt, Marrimekko skirt dress New Look 6068, simplicty 2444 tartan dress, Simplicity 1370 pompom shorts.

Clockwise from top left: simple yellow knitted scarf with no pattern obs, Tilly and the Buttons floral Lilou dress, New Look 6095 striped shift dress, New Look 6231 blue jeans.

And then the less fun bit, the shop bought clothes! Although to be fair these are mainly boring black jersey layers and cardigans bought throughout the bleak winter for layering under and on top of beautiful handmade dresses for warmth. That, and a lovely faux suade jacket I've had for years and adore for this time of year and two amazing vintage liberty scarves which make all outfits instantly amazing.

So that was what I packed for eight days of fun in NYC!
I will now bore you with some of my lovely pictures. Some have DIY outfits in, some are just cool shots of a beautiful city. Over share warning, in advance.

Overall a pretty inspiring Easter. I always come back from holidays full of ideas ready to stitch, design and create. We are doing some home improvements and making our house a beacon of lovelyness. On top of that I am continuing with my Big Bridesmaids Project and sewing myself some new and very camp clothes for spring- I am in the mood for colour!

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o


The Big Apple Coat: Simplicity 1759

Despite the disastrous pattern envelope styling, I decided to give this pattern a whirl. I haven't made a coat in a few years and this is intended to be my bright red Big Apple Coat, sewn for spring time in New York.

I am actually really pleased with how it came together and the pattern was extremely easy to sew. I made some adjustments, cutting a 8 the top and grading out to a 12 over the hips, because I am disproportioned! This was easy enough to do at the side and front seams and meant the coat is actually able to do up all the way down woohoo!
I was inspired by this Boden coat I found on Pinterest:

Now I love Boden but sadly a young teachers salery just doesn't quite cut it. So I spent £30 on lovely red wool and lining and big brown buttons and got stitching. 

That's all for today. I hope you like my new spring coat and would recommend this pattern if you are an advanced beginner sewer looking for the challenge of a first coat!
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o 

Midi skirt magic: My garment du jour!

I have a new fashion staple and it's the brightest thing in my wardrobe!
I recently returned from an amazeballz trip to NYC. Coming home was hugely disappointing and to soothe my sadness at no longer spending my days exploring Brooklyn with my love I have been indulging in much spring time stitchery. Whilst in a thrift shop in the big apple called Buffalo Exchange I bought the most incredibly HUGE (as in, super full and wide) midi skirt for the bargain price of $15, which is about a tenner, yeah! I wore it with low heeled sandals and a tight striped tee tucked in on my return home and felt so lovely and glamorous just wondering around Kensington with my cousin, and having lunch in Regents Park with my parents. This length of skirt is just perfect for this transitional time of year when you don't want to be wearing tights any more but it's just a little too cool still for a shorter skirt or dress with bare legs.

As soon as I decided to make myself one of these skirts I found lots of inspiration online. Women look amazing in these things. Instantly glamorous, you find yourself standing taller and swishing as you walk. They are particularly flattering on my pear shared figure, but I hate when people say what you should wear based on your 'body time' because all bodies are badass in their own way and no body should be told to look a certain way. But anyway! On with the inspiration:

What a bunch of babes! The length seems to be to look grown up whilst avoiding any hint at dowdyness, which is not easy. 
So here is my version! I used an old faithful skirt pattern Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity 2215, but lengthened the skirt by a few inches (not many as I'm fairly short).
I used echinacea print cotton from John Lewis which I got in the sale with my lovely birthday vouchers from work. It's got such a lovely weight to it and swooshes in a most satisfying way. I've worn this skirt so many times since I made it just two weeks ago I thinks it's already earnt it's place in my wardrobe.
These photos were taken at the end of a very long day at work, so yeah soz for the teeny sleepy eyes!

That's all for today. I hope you've been inspired to make a lovely spring maxi skirt. I guarantee you sing regret it!
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o