Saturday, 24 January 2015

Recent makes- Marimekko shift dress and Vintage cord pinafore

It's been pretty busy of late in my sewing room, although using all my time sewing has meant far less time for blogging. So here is my little update.

First off a project long, long in the making- my Marimekko a-line shift dress. The fabric and inspiration for this project both came from my summer holiday to Finland.

I used my old faithful New Look 6068 (I am convinced the model on the packet is an ex contestant on America's Next Top Model, wasn't she the insane one from a million seasons ago?!?) I adapted it to have an opening at the centre back by putting a back seam in there. I chose it because it's such a super simple pattern which is what I felt this pretty graphic and bold print needed. Here I am in Home Park having styled it with a lovely black polo neck, my favourite winter staple.

Second, my latest foray into the world of vintage pattern sewing. I used this amazing 70s pattern my lovely mum gave me. It was all very exciting, she sent it in the post with a little note saying 'I saw this and thought of you' just like in house old Royal Mail adverts, just perfect! It is very me, and don't you just love how they called it Butterick, the fashion one? Fabulous

I decided to use this pattern to recreate a dress belonging to my friend Z which I adored and borrowed fairly relentlessly when we were students living together about 5 years ago.
Here I am wearing the lovely dress at the Royal Academy for an exhibition

And here I am busting it for an Enid Blyton themed fancy dress party back in '09, aged just 19, as the Girls from St Clare's (really we just didn't know what to wear and so decided to wear my old school ties with black and white clothes).

We used to like sticking stars to our faces. Obviously.

The look of love, obvs...

I am really pleased with how this dress turned out. I wore it today on a walk with bf to Richmond park and think it looks really rather chic and pretty. I had just taken my wooly hat off in these pictures so please ignore my disastrous hair. The pattern turned out to be a little loose but it doesn't really matter and I don't think it's noticeable when I'm wearing it. I also, naturally, shortened it a lot, but that's just me being short and a hussy. I used a lovely warm black needle cord from Fabric Land with four lovely big brown buttons to recreate the look of the original dress. I definitely want to make another dress using this pattern- a pale blue denim pinafore for summer with red detailing, much like to one on the pattern envelope.

What larks!

That's all for today. I hope you like my makes, more coming up soon once I get some decent photos,
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Simplicity 1370 Paisley Pompom Shorts with Pockets!

A quick project update. I braved the cold today and bust these bad-boys for a trip to Goldhawk road to buy fabric for the bridesmaids dresses I am about to embark on (exciting!) and have a lovely Thai lunch with bf and his friend on Gloucester Road. 

This stash busting project used up some black paisley cotton I bought from Fabric Land last summer, for a project I cannot recall. Last summer there was a big trend for pompom shorties, and I did add pom-poms to a basic pair of primark shorts, but let's be honest these totes DIY shorts are much smarter and more stylish (in my humble opinion!)

Here is the inspo:

And here are my version!

I chose to use simplicity 1370 and the fit really was perfect. All I had to do was, shocker, shorten them by about 3 inches and they were good to go. A very simple and easy pattern to follow, I really would recommend them for anyone wanting to make fit and flare simple short for summer, who doesn't want an unsightly elasticated waistband getting in the way of a smooth line.

I really am pleased with how these came out, today I styled them with my fave little trusty black polo neck I've been wearing every day for the past 4 months beneath pretty much every outfit I've worn. 

That's all for today, give this lovely pattern a crack for spring summer 2015 if you're after a cute new pair of shorts. I can't wait to style them with a little tight black vest top and sandals! 
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o