Saturday, 13 September 2014

OWOP 2014- a fancy, frugality summary!

Phew, possibly one of the busiest weeks of late. Starting my first week in reception with home visits and by Friday all 30 little dears were in- I slept well Friday night for sure! Even though this is my fourth year at the school it almost feels like a new job as everything in different in the early years. But so far I'm enjoying it lots and everyone I work with is so supportive and lovely, I feel very lucky indeed!

But on to the sewing, I chose Salme 142 for my one week one pattern challenge:

Without further ado, onto the outfits, in chronological order:

I really enjoyed this challenge although must admit that by Friday I was desperate to wear a dress and make a change! But nevertheless, it has taught me a few key things about my sewing habits and what I need to sew next to enhance my handmade wardrobe and minimise shop bought purchases.

1. I need to either wear fewer striped tees, or make more of them!
2. I LOVE red, navy, pink, white, stripes and spots! And need to sew more with said colours and patterns
3. I am obsessive when I own new shoes- why wear any others?!?
4. I need to find a new pose for pictures... Totes awks selfies :(
5. I really want to make some blouses, and I have my eye on Tilly's 'Mimi' blouse from her lovely book.

That's all for today, how did the OWOP challenge go for you? I've loved looking through the tag on Instagram!
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Monday, 1 September 2014

OMG this just happened

AHHH! Thank you everyone for visiting my blog! Put a big smile on my face this evening :) 

Thanks for reading and Happy sewing x o x o

OWOP 2014

Just a quick update post! I have only today signed up to Handmade Jane's One Week One Pattern challenge! From Saturday 6th to Friday 12th September 2014 I will only be wearing one of my fave patterns, Salme Flared mini skirt 142. For public decency I will also be wearing an assortment of tops.

I went for my Salme 142 as I have three versions already, a taupe, a red and a polka dot. All simple, classic little skirts I feel could be adapted and styled for a range of occasions. Obviously my first thought was New Look 6068, my most favouritest and hacked pattern ever, but I have blogged than pattern so many times now even I am beginning to bore of this delightful pattern.

Look out for 7 outfit posts for a week from next Saturday! If you fancy signing up too visit Jane at:

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o