Saturday, 28 June 2014

Burda 9490 and baby bunting

A spot of selfless sewing never goes amiss!

Two projects for little people, which is most unlike me, but people at work seem to be having many babies of late!

I made some pretty double sided (yes, I did it properly) bunting for a friends baby shower, and she has recently sent me a pic of it above baby's crib which is so exciting! I used gorgeous fabrics from John Lewis which was up there with the most fun fabric shopping of my life! So many cute animal prints, the green zoo animal cotton was my favourite. I was annoyed as when buying it people all thought my friend was having a boy, as there was no pink, why is there no un-gendered baby clothes!?! Seems mad to me as my friend chose not to find out, thus I used what I thought were neutral colours, green, blue, yellow, orange etc.

My second project is a little summer school dress in the classic red gingham which so many British schools have for summer. Is this just a British thing or do other countries also wear gingham school dresses? Please let me know :) 

I used burda 9490 which was delightfully simple, this is my first little girls dress I've ever made and it was so quick and easy, with so little fabric! We designed it together which was lots of fun, kids have some cool ideas about clothes!

That's it for today, thanks for reading and happy seeing x o x o

Christine Haynes Chic and Simple Sewing Tie Shoulder Shift Dress LBD

Once again, Pinterest has inspired me to create another frock.
There is a distinct and unique addictive quality to Pinterest, which I never thought possible. But especially so from the point of sewing.
I am bombarded daily with simple tutorials and picturesque, filtered images of fancy frocks I just want to make myself. And that's how this happened.

I saw this picture and loved the simplicity and the contrasting textures of the silky bow and crepe dress:

It was and is a ridiculously simple pattern so I started searching my pattern stash for something similar and stumbled across this Tie Shoulder Shift Dress in Christine Haynes's book Chic and Simple Sewing. It was not exactly what I wanted but I knew I could use the proportions of the basic block and adapt it for what I needed (wanted...)
I used only the main back and front pieces as I didn't want the neck tie to be encased like in the original pattern, but exposed like in my pinspiration. Instead I just added a couple of inches of length into the neckline which I hemmed and folded down to create a simple casing for the neck tie, which I created using lovely silky fabric from John Lewis (it was expensive but I only had to buy 20cm, so worth it!)

I also decided to make my bow smaller than the original inspiration as I know I'd find a massive bow irritating. I am thrilled that I now have my own handmade LBD so I can parade around feeling very Hepburn-esque!

Overall I think this baggy simple shift dress will be perfect for the very to weather we are bound to experience at some point this summer, as it is cool and gives a lovely draft due to its roominess. 

In other, slightly random news, I have been making two winter coats of late in preparation for autumn. I have learnt to make my first welt pockets, and am glowing with pride and the general crispness of it all :)

Anyone else already excited for AW14?!?

Oh, the sewing...
That's all for now, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The just-a-peek sheer panel skirt- Simplicity 2215

I saw this picture of a beautiful summer skirt on Pinterest (obvs...) and instantly became (slightly) obsessed with recreating it.

I chose to use Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity 2215 for the pattern of the skirt. I then cut out a chunk a few inches above the hemline and replaced it with some sheer chiffon type stuff (some assorted polyester). For the skirt I used poly moss crepe in black. 

Sadly my legs do not look like those in the inspo photo...

My and my pal Z went exploring at Ham House in Ham last Sunday and she took these pics for me. It's a beautiful old National Trust property on the river, not far from Richmond, where it was gloriously cool inside on the scorching hot day. Plus, so many fun photo ops!

That's it for my fancy pants new skirt and my lovely day out.
Thanks for reading and happy Pinterest-inspired sewing! X o x o

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Me Made May 2014 overview

May is over for another year!
Here's what I wore, what I made and what I learnt:

I wore...
5 different Me Made tops

3 different me made skirts

12 different me made dresses (including one jumpsuit!)

 One knitted snood

And one lonely Me Made cardigan!

This month I made:
Green polka dot dress; a hybrid between Lisete Simplicity 1419 and Salme 142
White pointe dress; Vogue 8685 adapted
Taupe circle skirt; Salme 142
Floral symmetrical dress: Lisette Simplicity 1419

I also nearly finished my Pinterest knock off dress:

Most worn item:
My new Salme 142 taupe circle skirt, without a doubt my new favourite basic!

Favourite outfits:
Cause I just love taupe and white.... 

Least favourite outfit:
Only one this year, woohoo! Thank you Wardrobe Architect
I just don't like the shininess of this dress, works in the winter but really doesn't in the summer.

Most liked/repinned:
Thanks Lisette!

I have learnt: 
That I love blue, cream and taupe more than I realised
That sometimes it's ok to sew with plain fabric, infact I'll probably wear it more!
The power of basic skirts- new love <3
How much I love Salme 142, the flared mini skirt pdf pattern which can be used and adapted to fit onto dresses and give such a flattering silhouette.
That, once again, I do not really need to sew new dresses, but probably will anyway.
That unlike last year I like mixing in small bits of RTW into my me made wardrobe to make it more practical and give me a wider range of options, for example I love sheer shirts but you would not catch me sewing one in a million years when I can buy one at a reasonable price and making one myself may cause me to give up on sewing altogether.
Most of all, that I love wearing my own designs and really really want other people to wear them to! I have been researching dressmakers and began thinking about how I might start a little side line in bespoke, made to measure summer dresses during my 5 weeks off in the summer. Watch this space...

I think that's it for now, if anything else occurs to me I will return to this page later and amend. 
I hope you have enjoyed MMMay14 as much as I have this year, I have loved looking at the amazing work on Pinterest and discovering so many awesome new blogs (always the highlight of me made May for me!)
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Me Made May- day 31!

May is finished! I am writing this post of the first warm morning of June and I really can't believe it, time flies, indeed.
I spent the last day if May with my friend C, actually not feeling 100% thanks in no small part to my womb, having a lovely day regardless of my ailments. We went for an amazing lunch at one of out fave caf├ęs The Terrace, where they have an astronomical selection of sandwiches. We then went for a walk along the river to Surbiton where we explored the many awesome charity shops it boasts, stopping in yet another cafe along the way, naturally :) they always have such awesome yarn bombing there, just love it's cute villagey feel in London. They also FYI, filmed Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the train station here, but called it something ridiculous like Littlepuddingbottom. But the sign still said Surbiton, naturally. 

In the evening I cooked us a green vegan feast of pesto, spring onion, mushroom and leek pasta with a crispy green veg salad, which was bloody good, if I do say so myself! We also watched the ridiculous film Wanderlust, to match our vegan meal.

I wore:
Me Made dress, a hybrid between Lisete Simplicity 1419 and Salme 142
H&M biker jacket
Topshop shoes

That's all for today and for Me Made May 2014! I've loved discovering so many new crafty blogs this year. Thank you so much for reading and come back soon for some more self made fashion fun :) happy sewing x o x o