Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me Made May- day 29

Thursday 29th
Today was a wildly productive and not particularly exciting day. I marked 115 pieces of work. Yay.
However, I did meet up with the lovely C and H for a lebonese lunch on the Penrhyn Road for a good old gossip over falafel, nom!
I then took my studious self to Cafe Nero as I have discorvered it is an awesome place to get work done over a cup of tea, as you feel less isolated than if you were working from home and they do lovely mint tea.
I also did lots of yoga today which has been lovely to get back into. I'm turning to do a minimum of 15 minutes a day, sometimes when I first wake up, to regain the flexibility and strength I gained when I used to do classes. The lovely Tara Stiles and her beautifully toned body offer encouragement and guidance along the way. Can I be her, please?

In the evening however I ruined all my hardwork and virtue by going to the pub with friends and drinking some lovely Pinot Grigio. Yum.

I wore:
Me Made white dress Vogue 8685 adapted
Me Made mustard cardigan simplicity 2148
Primark pumps and rucksack 

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o

Me Made May- day 28 in Cambridge!

On Wednesday and my mum and I met half way between our houses for a lovely day of picturesque fun and gossiping in Cambridge. If you haven't been, you really must, it is a hotbed of tourist fun and I did not feel the slightly bit strange taking photos all day of the beautiful colleges and historic buildings. I took loads, but here are the edited highlights:

So that was highlight number one for me, the limitless prettiness of the colleges that surround you, we spent much of the day wandering and gossiping (as we most often do). But that is not all Cambridge has to offer! 
It also boasts many fine cafés and eateries, and we enjoyed eating a hummus salad plate in this amazing convted church. The food was good, but the highlight was the, what looked like medieval, stained glass and general loveliness of our surroundings. It was called the Michael House Cafe, should you ever fancy it!q

We also simply had to stop for afternoon tea, because we are British and it inevitably rained (note: if it were too cold, too warm or simply mild outside we would have also stopped for tea). We went to Crepeaffaire where the staff were very lovely and friendly and the crepes looked incredible, but sadly we were still full of hummus so had to pass and make do with a mint tea. Still good :)

So highlight number two from Cambridge is the seemingly limitless choice of nice independent cafés restaurants. The final highlight of Cambridge was surprising- fabric and haberdashery! We visited two lovely fabric treasure troves. The first was this lovely number: Callyco. It was like stumbling upon a little piece of girly heaven. They stocked an excellent selection of fabrics for furnishings and a small, but exquisite, line of dress making cottons.

 I bought myself two lovely things (check out the charming vintagey paper bags!) 

I bought a meter and a half (everything she had!) of this fun cotton. I love buying fabric when out on holidays and day trips as it means whenever you wear it you will remember the fun you had. This is so unusual I have never seen anything quite like it before, so I was swayed! 

Also, as is was I'm Cambridge, home of the bike, I bought this lovely little handmade button, to take bride of place of a bodice somewhere, someday!

The second fabric gem we found was aptly named The Little Fabric Stall and the lady wh ran it has the most exquisite taste- all of her fabrics and trimmings were without a doubt gorgeous. I managed to resist temptation but my mother bought herself a lovely fat quarter of wannabe Liberty cotton to make little dolls house curtains from, obviously!

My mum also gave me two lovely little presents. The first, a gorgeous piece of this awesome world map fabric, and the second...

...vintage style socks, made in the uk (naturally!)

And finally, what did I wear (what with it still being May for a few more days) well...
I wore:
Me Made New Look 6886 denim pinafore
Primani polo neck (thanks Llewyn Davis...)
Topshop jacket
Gold necklaces, watch and ring as ever
Vintage liberty bangle
Topshop shoes 
M&S bag

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o

Me Made May- day 30

Friday 30th 
Today I continued to plough on with my report writing but quickly grew distracted by many most engaging activities, such as calling my mum, visiting oxfam, lots of sketching, blogging (obvs) yoga and reading old editions of Cloth magazine. I also watched Harry Potter. Oops.

In the evening I met up with my lovely friend Z for a delicious meal at wagamama in Richmond, followed by mohitos at One Kew Road. She has just returned from an incredible trip to Indonesia (jealous much) so it was so lovely to catch up. A bouncer also thought it was 17, which always goes down well :)

I wore:
Me Made Salme 142
Primani blouse
H&M cardigan
Topshop shoes

My friend said I looks like I was going on safari, which I took as a compliment!

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wardrobe architect- weeks 3 and 4- shape and silhouette

Build your formulas. Look over your shapes and ratings from last week. Start combining them and list out 5-10 silhouettes that you believe would make good outfit formulas for you. I plan to use Polyvore for this exercise. I’ve created a collection called Silhouettes, and I’ll add several sets to it.

If you live in a place with dramatic seasonal changes, you might want to make a warm weather list and a cold weather list. Sometimes it’s hard to think of silhouettes that will work for both, depending on your climate.

Here we go!

I decided to sketch my ideas first, then add polyvore into the equation. Some of these are obviously more winter and some summer, and some inbetween. Living in London more often than not black tights will be paired with most outfits in the spring, autumn and winter :)

That was fun I must say! Now to see if it makes any impact on my dressmaking...
Thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o

Me made May- days 23-24

I can't believe May is nearly over, it has truly flown by this year and the reality of what my father always told me, that time goes faster the older you are, seems to be undeniable. But I suppose, so long as I keep having fun, it can't be all bad :)
This week marks half term and Friday was report writing inset, so to be fair it was a pretty tedious day...

Friday 23rd
Aforementioned, Friday I wrote reports. How people sit at a desk and type all day I really have no idea. Part of what I love about my job, besides the people I work with and the kids of course, is that I spend a very limited time staring at a screen. And when I do it's usually when I'm creating fun, colourful resources which my creative side secretly rather enjoys.
I watched the dreamy Leo in Catch Me if You Can to keep me sane and it did help.

I treated myself to dungarees when I'd finished, I've been looking for so long I finally found a pair I like in H&M although had to buy a size 14 just to ensure a loose fit. Shopping in there never fails to make me feel I have gained about 3 dress sizes. Sigh. But they are cute! I hold to style them like this:

Josh treated me to dinner out and after my tedious day I was extremely grateful! We went to Las Iguanas for some Brazilian food, the closest to World Cup fever I hope to get.

I forgot to photograph my outfit thanks to the monotony of most of the day, but wore this outfit again:
Me Made pinafore New Look 6886 adaptation 
Me Made stripe tee McCalls 5470
Me Made mustard snood 
Clarks brogues 

Saturday 24th
Saturday I had a lovely long lie in and blogged from my bed, ahhh :) Nothing like a lazy lie in to kick off a half term holiday. I am working on a potentially massive project at the moment, creating bridesmaids dresses for my friends wedding, but nothing is set in stone yet, we are still weighing up the options.
However, this Saturday I made a start at the first stitch in the first trial run, recreating this lovely dress from Pinterest:

I'm using a New Look pattern (6723) and this took up much of Saturday afternoon! I'm a far more pedantic seamstress when sewing with someone else in mind.

Josh and I rounded up the day with a delicious dinner at Carluccios followed by drinks at our friends c&ns. Lovely Saturday night.

I wore:
Me Made Salme 142 taupe skirt
Primark jumper
Topshop shoes
M&S handbag

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o

Me Made May Day 27

Tuesday 27th
Tuesday I worked all day, for about 12 hours. Planning, marking, report writing and preparing for moderation. I shan't bore you with the details, but I looked like this all day:

But less smiley.
I wore:
Me made Salme 142
Primark shirt
Topshop red shoes

I also cooked some super healthy soup, nom nom! I will regain my health, one butter bean at a time...

Gossip girl reruns kept me sane. What fashspiration!

When bf came home we watched Inside Llewyn Davis which was set in the 60s so, unsurpringly, I was in aesthetic heaven. It follows a young struggling musican around America and feature a lovely cat and an even lovelier Carey Mulligan. I want to wear polo necks, and if this weather keeps up it's pretty likely I'll be able to!

That's all for today. My next blog post will be all about Wednesday's day trip ( I am blogging on the train home from Cambridge)- expect picturesque times!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o

Me Made May Day 26

Monday 26th
In theory this should have been an awesome day as it's bank holiday Monday with the bf. However, we spent the morning buying a new Hoover (woo...)  did a huge spring clean of the house and in the afternoon I felt terrible and actually had to take a NAP, something I just don't do, totes not productive enough for me. 
In my lazy state I did manage to watch the awesome Xmen film, which I loveeddd! January Jones is a true babe, mad men love. I also wrote more reports (shocker)

Such delicious 60s costumes!

I felt too crappy for photos, so here we have the phantom outfit photo:
Me Made Christine Haynes blouse from her Chic and Simple book
Me Made self drafted mini skirt
Red topshop shoes

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o