Tuesday, 15 October 2013

New Look 6567 Pattern Adaptation- Three Skater Dresses for AW13

Oh hello!
Me again, using the same pattern (again...) but I promise I have made some interesting adaptations to this trusty pattern this time and am feeling rather pleased with the winter friendly outcomes. I chose this pattern for it's lovely fit and comfy feel, and also its lovely flattering princess seams and sleeve variations. Here are some previous incarnations of New Look 6567:

Last week I blogged about my DIY lace skater dress made with the same trusty New Look 6567 pattern and these versions are created in very much the same way, using the bodice part of the pattern, cutting off at the natural waistline, adding a seam allowance and then cutting a circle skirt to attach. The main difference being these dresses are winter warmers with long sleeves and are made from my current favourite material to work with, cosy Ponte Roma Jersey.

Oh and one other thing, I also added a waistband to the tweedy looking grey dress. I would love to say this was intentional but it was actually because I forgot to allow for seam allowance when cutting the bodice...oops!

Anyway, without further ado, onto the dresses!
Firstly, delicious teal, always a favourite in the winter...
Miserable, front the front...

Proud of the fit in this photo :)

This is what a 360 degree skirt looks like :D
Secondly, a lovely warm purple, I think I'd call this an 'aubergine' 
Smiley Smiley 

Do you ever want to go back in time and fix your fringe?

Shorter skirt on this version, and slightly looser fit
Lastly, and probably favourite dress, a tweed effect Ponte Roma gives this dress a lovely 50s feel I think. And with red shoes I think this looks pretty

Action shot...

Red shoes make everything better.

Loosing the will to be photographed

Hair flicking
Thats all for today, I hope you like my cosy new winter frocks, I am really enjoying creating pieces with long sleeves and layering them under lovely coats and cardis on cold mornings, as I am a romantic at heart and a fool for the cold weather!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Fancy Frugality Vintage Pattern Challenge! September: McCall's 5470 T-Shirts.

Ok, so I am realllyyyyy easing myself in to this vintage pattern malarky but have made something I have been planning on for a while: basic long sleeve tees. I wanted a striped, Breton style tee and also a plain neutral tee for layering with cute skirts in the winter. I used McCall's 5470 which I picked up for £1 at a car boot sale, completely unused and in perfect condition.

The pattern was very simple to construct, using simply a front and back bodice piece, two sleeves and a very narrow neckline binding, and it was this narrow binding around the neck which I liked most about this pattern as it gave the finished tees a lovely professional look and was very easy to construct. 

Front: I made the sleeves bracelet length for an added feminine touch


Close up of my favourite narrow neckline binding, I like the way I cut the stripes on this
I chose to make my second tee in a lovely simple grey marl jersey, easy to put with anything and layer up in the colder weather

Front, I really like the deep scoop on this patterns neckline

Back, very interesting...
I found that the sizing was rather too large as the pattern was a UK size 12. I increased the seam allowance quite considerable to make the fit snugger but these both still ended up slightly loose fitting, but I don't as I feel very few people look good in skin tight stretch jersey...

I wore the stripe tee today and it was SO comfy, apologies for not blogging this September make actually in September but I made my October pattern up this evening and it jogged my memory to take some bloody photos and get the ball rolling.

So first pattern of my challenge down and I am feeling pretty good, no issues as of yet but then I did set the bar very low indeed to begin with!

Here I am today wearing the stripe tee tucked into a floral needlecord skirt I recently stitched for Autumn Winter, soon to be blogged :)

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! Check back soon for vintage pattern number 2, Style 4056 
Coming soon to a sewing machine near me...

Saturday, 12 October 2013

New Look 6567: DIY Lace Skater Dress

Now these are some slightly strange photos, so let me explain...
These photos were taken last night before a night out, as I was leaving the house. This was at about 8:00pm and it was already dark (sob!) But as you can see from the merry grin plastered all over my face this does not bother me too much as I was on my way to a friends before heading out to Bacchus, our local hole in the ground, sort-of-nightclub. I was informed by some sweet american girls in the bathroom that Bacchus was better than Oceana as 'you get grabbed less here'. I was home by 2:00am.

But anywho, my increasing lack of enthusiasm for clubbing aside, my outfit was also complemented tonight which is always lovely, but especially lovely if said outfit it homespun from bargain stretch lace off Walthamstow market. As I blogged previously, I purchased this lovely white lace during a recent shopping trip with my chum Smale North of the river.

It was a ridiculous bargain at £2.70 per metre and I bought 1.5m in total.

I decided I wanted to make a skater dress with princess seams and so set about raiding my pattern collection for appropriate patterns to adapt. I chose New Look 6567 for the bodice and lets face it the sexy styling of the model was really what sold this pattern to me:


Naturally I had already decided I wanted to look like this beautiful woman:
So as you can see I really did have my work cut out for me!

I simply cut the pattern short at the waist and added a seam allowance of course. I chose the option with a scoop neck and short sleeves. I then cut a basic circle skirt from the left over lace (I chose to use a three quarter circle (270 degrees) 
I found this image on Pinterest and it is SO useful for sewing different circle skirts, I hope you agree!
The finished dress looks like this:

This I feel is a classic little girls birthday party pose- dress held out to fully display it's prettiness.

I wore this dress to work for the first time and a little year one boy got his velcro stuck to it. My heart skipped a beat as I thought he would rip a giant, embarrassing hole in the dress the first time I has worn it but was pleasantly surprised that, even after his enthusiastic removing of the velco, the lace was of a good enough quality yo remain intact. Phew!

I cheated slightly with this dress as I chose not to line it but instead to simply wear a slip beneath it and I feel this looks just fine, and saved an awful lot of fussing and extra weight. 

The back of the dress

That's all for now, thanks for reading, hope you like the dress and happy sewing! x

Butterick 5870- a Festive Cowl Neck Dress

Oh hoho! This may be a somewhat prematurely festive post for the ol' blogosphere but I could not resist the chance to photograph my new ponte roma creation this morning in the cold and crisp autumnal sunshine to share with you all.

I picked out this gorgeous bright red shade from the racks at my favourite fabric shop Fabricland weeks ago knowing I wanted to create a cosy dress which could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
I decided I wanted a dress with a cowl neck and went for the bargain-icious Butterick See & Sew B5870 which came in at £3.25. I went for bodice A with sleeves and skirt B.

If I'm honest I did not have massively high hopes for this pattern but bought it hoping it would make a good basic starting point to be adapted and improved upon. How wrong I was! I made the UK size 8 and found the fit to be really comfortable and flattering, even the length did not have to be shortened by much, shock horror that makes a change!

The red ponte roma was a dream to sew with as usual, everything fitted together perfectly. I have made a couple of dresses from this material in various colours for this winter and will share some of them with you as soon as I get the chance. I have been choosing darker colours of late for a warm, autumn winter look as the temperature has had a sudden (and welcome) drop. I was also particularly pleased with the way the dress is gathered onto the yoke and found this to be surprisingly flattering.

The cowl neck on this pattern just feels so ridiculously cosy, particularly in such a warming shade of red. I can't wait to wear this with cosy black leather boots and a woollen coat, or maybe even red ballet pumps and a black blazer. I do feel this style will be easy to dress up or down, indeed I am most tempted to make one in black for the cold weather. This is always the time of year I spent the most money on my wardrobe as I adore autumn winter styles (and have a shameless coat addiction!) and also detest feeling cold and so my solution to this is would appear is to sew as many cosy, long sleeved dresses as possible in a variety of styles and invest in thermal vests to wear underneath and pretty patterned knitwear to wear over the top.

That's all for now, I hope you like my new festive feel creation! Thanks for reading and happy sewing x
Front view, another glam front door selfie...
Back view, hard to see the gathers
A better view of the back of the cosy cowl collar
What's that in the distance...?
Bright front
Playing with my camera settings, I <3 red
Back gathers detailing