Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Look 6068 Strikes Again! A White Lace Dress with Mollie Makes Buttons!

Soooo as I sketched previously I want a little lace dress for the warm weather, a 60's style shift dress with a loose-ish fit. I chose this pretty cotton lace, a couple of months ago actually, and a simple cotton lining. The lace was from Fabricland (shock shock) and cost £4.50 per metre, and I only needed one metre for this dress. The lining cost £2 per meter, so total spend for this project was £6.50, frugal points!

I also used the free Mollie Makes buttons I received with their most recent issue, the white pair, as I liked the 'lacy' looking finish they had. I now need to make a plan for the orange and pink pairs, time will tell! I am tempted to make a pair of earrings perhaps.

Some lace dress inspo...





I used, again, my most favourite dress pattern, which has been incredibly good value for money for me as it has had many, many incarnations for both myself and has been used as gifts for others. I altered it by adding in an elastic waistband to add more shape to the waistline. I also made the neckline slightly wider so it would not need an opening as I did not think it would suit the fabric. You can see some other versions of this dress I have made for myself, friends and relationshereherehereherehere, and here!

And so, here is the final dress! I hope you like it, it's totally comfortable and airy for spring/summer but sadly the weather has turned wet and cold and today I wore my 'Christmas Dress'. Something is wrong with this picture... 

But anyway, I decided to try on my dress and take some pictures anyway, despite the rain, and here they are!

What's that down there?

Mollie Makes buttons!

Hope you like, and thanks for reading! x

Me Made May 13: Week Four Outfits!

May seems rather never ending and this week marked the last week of half term, and rather unpleasent weather to boot, although it was a lovely week with only 4 days at work, culminating in a long weekend holiday in Manchester, visiting the BF's parents.

Monday 20th- Back to work as usual! And a sewing evening in!
Me Made Blouse: Simplicity 1693
Me Made Jeggings: New Look 6110
Cardigan and T bar pumps: Primark 

Tuesday 21st- Work and Movie Night- Django Unchained
Me Made Stripe Tee: New Look 6816
Me Made Annie Hall Trousers: New Look 6130
Cardigan and T bar pumps: Primark 

Wednesday 22nd- Moderation event, dressing for success!
Me Made Annie Hall Trousers: New Look 6130
Me Made Polka-dot Blouse: Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2215
Me Made Lace Jacket: New Look 6028

Thursday 23rd- Last day of work and packing!
Me Made Jersey Dress: New Look 6093
Cardigan and T bar Pumps: Primark 

Friday 24th- Travel to the North to visit BF's parents
Me Made Suade Bomber Jacket: New Look 6028
Me Made Jersey Dress: Simplicity 1796
T Bar Pumps: Primark

Saturday 25th- Day trip to Manchester
Me Made Jersey Dress: New Look 6567
Me Made Mustard Cardigan: Simplicity 2148
T Bar Pumps: Primark

Raqid Shaw Exhibition

Sunday 26th- Trip to Macclesfield and the White Nancy
Me Made Jeggings: New Look 6110
Me Made Stripe Tee: Self Drafted Pattern
Bag and T Bar Pumps: Primark

The White Nancy painted for the Jubilee

Mine and Josh's portraits of each other, bored on the train.

Dream boat!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Burda 7072: A Work in progress

 I have been busy fabric shopping today and, thanks to the torrential and incessant rain, have found the time to cut out my new floral spring coat, Burda 7072! 

I chose this pattern as I love the swingy 60's vibe and will be making view B, with the cute collar and patch pockets.
The floral cotton will be for the outside and the pink polka dots for the lining. They are both from Fabricland and cost the princely sum of £2.29 per metre. In total the fabrics for this project set me back £10.30, so I am pretty pleased with my finds :) 

I fell in love with the floral fabric the moment I saw it, a couple of weeks ago on my last Fabricland trip, and have been mulling over what would be the best use for it, and I hope I have found it!
Watch this space for the work in progress...

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sketched for Summer, a whole page of ideas!

Having found my old A Level Textiles sketchbooks, I was inspired to start sketching my ideas once again. Although I love to use the internet and magazines for ideas, nothing beats drawings them. You will probably see many ideas from my previous posts, but I would like to add to this my desire to sew a leather/suede bomber jacket, and possibly a floral trench style coat. A couple of these ideas have already been realised, such as the sequin mini and denim dress, and I will try to use these little sketches in future posts when sharing my completed projects with the interwebs. Anyone else find drawing an inspirational passtime, as far as sewing is concerned? I think I could quite quickly get back into it :)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Floral Coats, Oui ou Non?

Inspired by this pattern, love the shape of coat C, and the floral pattern has got me thinking, how wrong would it be to make a trench in a floral print? Inspo, is needed...

Watch this space...

Friday, 24 May 2013

I Made a Sequin Mini Skirt! And a Neon Pink Mini Skirt!

Made just in time for Eurovision (check out my 'France' outfit complete with Eiffel Tour brooched beret below) I am loving my new mini skirt, and I saved myself a bomb as this little baby cost me a grand total of £3.50 to make, including the waistband elastic. Oh, I love fabric land *sigh*

I drafted this super simple elasticated waist pattern myself and it is very comfortable. The sequins are actually more of a greeny silver but the colour is a little different in photographs due to the shininess. I love it, pleased with this project for sure :) 

Me, in full Eurovision glory! Oh, and did I mention, no one else dressed up? Cringe!

I used my pattern to make a little bright jersey mini skirt as well. Both of these projects were so simple and fun to make (although my machine did grumble a little sewing with sequin fabric) and have no practical purpose whatsoever, and so, I love them! Far too many sensible clothes around these days!

Musings and Advice for Beginner Sewers and Seamstresses.

Teaching Clare to sew has been so much fun, teaching adults is so different to kids as they always listen (wow!) and actually remember everything you have said, or maybe I just had a good pupil, but anyway, together me and Clare chose some good beginner patterns and she is steadily making her way through these for summer. Luckily I have a vast collection of beginnerish patterns as I have been collecting patterns for about 7 years, so she only had to buy two herself. If you too are a beginner seamstress these may be worth considering. It is worth mentioning that she first made some basic pieces as lovely Christmas presents to practise her machine skills, such as simple tote bags and pj bottoms, and I would always recommend straight lines to an absolute beginner, for example; a tote bag like Clare or even a simple cushion cover. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that for a beginner fabric choice is very important and I would recommend sticking to cheap fabrics (in case of mess ups!) and where possible stiff, patterned cottons, as stretchy fabrics are trickier as plains show mistakes.

Anyway, on with the beginner friendly patterns!
Clare bought herself these two super simple patterns to practise on when I am elsewhere, and is making this is yellow gingham, adorable and affordable, double win! She has yet to start the top but I think it will be in a floral. We chose these because of the simple straight lines and loose fit, as well as the total absence of zips and fastenings, winning as far as a beginner is concerned. 

And then, together we chose these patterns from my collection, many old faithfuls, inspired by the bag of fabric she purchased during our trip to Walthamstow. 

New Look 6980 is a fantastic simple pattern which is ideal for beginners as it gives a fitted, feminine result without the need for fiddly zips as they are all fitted using elastic. She is planning on making view C, the maxi with a cross front for summer.

This dress, New Look 6068, is my total favourite ever and I would recommend it to anyone learning to sew. The only fiddly bit is attaching the collar, but if you leave that off its just a simple 60's shift. 

The Walk Away dress from Butterick, 4790, is as promised both fast and easy and gives a satisfying result, with a HUGE swirly circle skirt. So it will be beautiful to swish around in and say those lovely words, 'yes, I did make it myself!'

Beginning may not like to brave this fitted princess seam peplum top but the simple skirt pattern is as easy as it comes for an a-line skirt pattern, and in a bright, eye-catching cotton is both easy to work with thanks to its straight lines and so wearable due to its simplicity. 

Lastly, a fantastic pattern for beginners, PJ bottoms! I have made some for the BF and for his friend as a gift, and would like to make some for myself at some point. Clare made some for her BF for Christmas with great results, they had fleecy dinosaurs all over! Cute!

Anyway, I hope these are a good starting point for beginner seamstresses.

Also, check out Clare's blog at

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Found this lovely illustration and wanted to share. Cute!
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