Thursday, 31 January 2013

Retro Butterick Pattern Wish-list

I was thrilled to discover these on my last trip to Fabric Land. I was so excited I have to admit I bought number B5747 and now cannot choose a fabric as I want it to be perfect, look at that beautiful collar! I’m thinking perhaps polka dots to go with the 50’s/60’s theme…
My favourite skirt however must be 5605 and 5748 as they look like they would have a wonderfully fun swing to them to wear. I love the back on 5605 as well, especially view C with the button. I don’t think the photos on the website do any of the patterns justice though I must say as a two minute on-line search turns up lots of gorgeous versions of each dress, far nicer than those on the Butterick website.
Lastly, 4790 excites me as it is, of course, a reissue of the famous ‘Walk-Away’ dress, and with the promise of it being both ‘fast and easy’ I may well be swayed to try this one first… I will try to post my first review when I tackle my first retro pattern.
Happy sewing x
The patterns can be found here:

Liberty print parasol dress- Dressmaking project

I adore Liberty prints. Alas, I am also not in the financial position to afford them in any great quantity and so jumped at the chance to buy this beautiful parasol print last summer in the John Lewis sale for a bargain £5.50 a metre. I bought 1.5m and then the problem of choosing what to use a fairly small quantity of beautiful fabric for. I ended up deciding on Simplicity 2549, and adapted it to use the least possible fabric, skirt D and bodice B from the pattern. I had used the pattern before (view A) for a blitz themed fancy dress party and knew it fit well.

When I first completed this dress I for some reason really disliked it and thought the shape was unflattering. This has long since past thanks in no small part to the bf's reassurance that this is actually a lovely frock, fit for prancing around in both summer, and winter. Hope you like, this pattern is well worth a try. I am not sure about the Maxi but adore View A, super flattering and easy to put together, what's not to love :)
Any other incarnations of this trusty pattern? I would love to see ! 

inspiration to sew: a kimono

UPDATE: view the completed project here

So I saw this beautiful photo and fell in love.
And now I am slightly obsessed with the idea of sewing a kimono. I've seen this pattern, New Look, 6072, looks pretty simple but has lovely, simple lines and I like the idea of a bow on the front. I have some lovely liberty print cotton which is screaming out for a project like this, purple with little red roses. Ah, scheming...

A DIY fabric covered address book, with embroidery

A project I completed about a year ago at my parents house (raiding my mums lovely stash of old Tana Lawn) but thought it was pretty enough to warrant sharing.

Really lovely instructions to cover your own notebooks etc can be found here at Delightful Distractions

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My first patchwork quilt

My first and (as of yet) only patchwork quilt.
This means the world to me because
a. It took bloomin ages to complete all that hand appliqué
b. It is made from lots of vintage fabrics from my childhood, and I cannot wrap myself up in it without remembering all sorts of wonderful moments from the golden age of the 90's.
c. It has knickers on. Can you spot them?

A close up of the vintage fabric the quilt is backed in

The quilt currently lives here, on my classroom chair, with the patchwork cushion my clever mum made for me. 

Birdie print dress with Peter Pan collar- Dressmaking project

I have had this lovely bird print fabric from ages, having picked up one meter from Fabricland for a bargain £3.99, I couldn't resist (story of my sewing life)

I knew I wanted a pattern with a contrasting Peter Pan collar and in the end went for my all time favourite versatile pattern, New Look 6968, which I have made many, many times in various incarnations and variations for myself, family and friends. I also added on a little elasticated waist to give it a slightly more 'hourglass' shape. Hope you like, this pattern is 100% worth investing in, ah bloody mazing the variations I have created, will post soon some of the other versions I have come up with.

Single girl bedrooms

I have now shared a bedroom for 6 months and have been reflecting on times when my bedroom was basically a shrine to girlyness. Before the days of plain or checked sheets, when IKEA florals reigned supreme. Some snaps of bedrooms past...
2010/2011 This quantity of throw pillows on the bed are no longer deemed necessary...

2010/2011 A massive benefit of sharing a bedroom: this quantity of mess never again occurs...
2009/2010 Two lovely girlfriends, painting my boring white wardrobe with beautiful colours and pictures
2009/2010 The tiniest and prettiest bedroom yet, I am in love with this over exposed photo.

Do bedrooms change beyond compare when you share them with another? I think they do, but overall totally worth the banned fairy lights, throw pillows and other unnecessary feminine frivolity. I can squeeze them in, just give me time...

A frugal chair makeover using floral wrapping paper

My first post!

A frugal chair makeover using floral wrapping paper

<--The before chair (bottom right)

So we had these ugly chairs in our kitchen for far too long...

 As a student I made the wise decision to leave them outside during the glorious English winter (perma-moist) and they were left rather sad looking and flaky. BF complained they were leaving little paint flakes all over nice-new-flats floors. I naturally denied this, but lets face it knew the truth- a makeover was needed.
The beautiful after chair

How I did it:
1. I bought 3 sheets of beautiful floral wrapping paper from Paperchase (total £4.50).

2. I then cut these into strips about 5cm wide (very roughly) and started the messy process of sticking them all over the chair using PVA glue, smoothing with a damp sponge.

3. When it was covered all over I left it to dry before varnishing- 2 coats of hardcore outdoor varnish, I like a smooth finish :)

That’s pretty much it!
If anyone has any more specific questions please don’t hesitate to message me.
Thanks for reading x