Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Blooming Marvellous! Advice needed on sewing ones own undergarments...

OK ladies! Summer is upon us, and I need advice. Has anyone made bloomers before? I want some pretty, poofy bloomers for wearing with skirts in the warm weather, using up lots of scraps of pretty cottons etc.  I am looking for advice, inspiration, encouragement, or indeed words of warning against my latest random scheme! It would not cost me anything as I have the fabrics, and I was thinking of adapting a PJ pattern I have to avoid investing any money at this stage. Are there any popular patterns about? I heard Collette do a nice one but you have to print it which would mean a trip to the library (I am sans printer) and perhaps an awkward conversation as to why I am printing patterns to make my own pants with whoever is on the desk that day. We will see, I will report back but please let me know of any hints, tips or ideas! For now, the inspo...

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